Monday, October 10, 2011

Shame On Me!

It's been nearly a YEAR since I hit up my blog?  I'm blushing in shame.

In my defense, a LOT has happened this year!  Let me outline the highlights.

  • We moved in December of 2010 (to a place that turned out not to be great.)
  • We got two dogs from the shelter (they're still happy!)
  • We bartered for a goat in milk (she's still in milk)
  • We bartered for a mess of chickens (they are JUST starting to lay for me) AND we hatched some from our original three that were given to us when we moved in
  • I did a lot of building around the place (fences, shelters, movable pens, milking stanchions)
  • We had a huge garden/labor of love which all died in the drought (oh so sad!)
  • I stayed sick at that house a LOT (combination of putrid cat urine permeating the house and tension due to the owner's daughter who lived across the street and made my life tense)
  • I bought two goats for fiber and was given a rabbit for the same
  • I moved again (to a place that is turning out to be absolutely lovely)
  • I started school (more pre-reqs toward a degree, some of it online, some on campus)
  • I got a job outside the home (care-taking)
  • And I started getting counseling.
Now, am I forgiven?  Because that is  A LOT of goings-on!

I promise to update you more as to specifics on nearly all of it if you're interested... just now I have to go do chores!

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