Monday, October 17, 2011

Me and My Blue Bucket

Some of the fun things I've done since we moved here to the new and improved Ruby Lane Farm World Headquarters are repairs.  I had a very wobbly mailbox, and it was set into some sort of metal spike which really was not doing the trick.  To fix it, I pulled out the post and spike, dug a hole with my trusty post-hole diggers and dropped in some cement.  I reset the post, and voila!  No more wobble and shake.  I bet the post man loves it.

I wonder if he likes the new (ahem) much lower height... something I didn't think of when resetting the post INTO the ground as opposed to atop the stake.

Heh heh.
Well, he hasn't said anything YET.

Then I decided we needed a rabbit pen because Nellie was all squished in that little wee cage in which we moved her.  Since the fellows who were helping me move sort of fell down on the job and did not get but one load of stuff, we lost out on a lot of the outdoor structures I had built previously for both chickens and rabbits. I looked around to see what we had on hand, as I didn't want to have to buy anything from the hardware/lumber stores. Here's what I came up with.

The plants were set in front of the door because I didn't have it hinged yet.  And this worked well - til it rained.  Then I added inside a little box to go under the ineffective tin roof. How cute!
But as it turned out, the little shelter was not nearly so cute as it was a stepping stone to freedom for Nellie. 
Little twit.

I'll show you more projects either completed or in process next blog.
Thanks for listening!
Love love.

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  1. I should mention that the entire floor and walls are lined with chicken wire to prevent Nellie digging out. It was a little labor intensive which probably would have been ok if it hadn't been 95*F out that day. I don't know when I'm going to learn to not work in the heat. lol