Sunday, October 30, 2011

Break from Crafting

Even crafting fun has to come to a (temporary) end I can do other things like BUILD!  (My other favorite activity.)  Today I cut apart the privacy fence that separates the back yard from the front, and built a little double gate out of two crib ends.  I don't have any hinges, and will have to wait til I get some money to buy some; I will also buy some kind of paint to help weather proof it. 

Even though it's not done, I like it!

This is what it looked like before.

That's our Border Collie, Mary Jane.  She's a real scaredy cat.  She's not scared of Timmy at all though.  We got her from the pound nearly a year ago.

And this is me. I get pretty hot and sweaty and covered in sawdust when I build. It's not my favorite condition, but it sure gets things done!

Love to all!  <3

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  1. Can you add a an email signup option to your blog so I can get your posts in my inbox? I'm following you through GFC, but I don't ever go there and read all the blogs I've joined. LOL