Saturday, October 22, 2011

A lot going on

Happy Weekend Y'all!

Feels a little more and more like fall every week here. This week our highs are in the eighties, but I hear that by along about Thursday the highs will be only in the 60's. That ought to usher in the "Giving Season" quite nicely and maybe help me get a jump start into making things to sell.

I've been pondering for some time on what I could make to sell that would bring in income not just for Ruby Lane Farm but also for my little orphan, Elias. There is a little boy in Russia that I would just about give anything to be able to bring home and live with us. He is four years old, has Down's Syndrome, and I swear he looks just like Timmy at that age.

Baby Elias
Handsome nearly grown up Timmy.

So I'm trying to figure out what kind of craft I can make to sell that will bring in some money towards Elias' adoption fund.  This is not my fund, mind you, just monies that go straight to Reeces Rainbow, the agency that handles the adoptions for the Down's Syndrome Russian babies.  I am leaning toward felted animals to give away for a 100% tax deductible gift of $10. 

Any thoughts?  Course, I have to learn to felt first, but I've completed all the other steps on this journey so far...
  1. buy an Angora goat 
  2. learn to shear
  3. wash the resulting fiber
  4. and card it.... now I'm up to 
  • Learn to Dye Angora fiber (mohair)
  • Learn to Felt
  • Find a way to market said product
  • and make a WHOLE BUNCH of felted animals!

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