Saturday, September 25, 2010

Visiting Hico

Timmy and I went for a short visit to the land which Linda has decided to share with us.  She has some acreage and is setting aside a small portion of it specifically for me, and in exchange I will be helping her to get "our" farm up and running.

The goal is a self-sustaining farm, one with chickens and goats and sheep and pigs and maybe even a milk cow, a whole passel of dogs and cats and rabbits too.  Some of these are for meat, some for eggs, milk, cheese, and some for just their hair or wool.  Some are multi-purpose.  Linda wants a pig for a pet. Not me.  I want a chicken for a pet.

I love chickens.

Next time we go I promise to take pictures.  This is all I took this time:

This is the river that borders the west property line. Isn't it lovely?

You'll probably NEVER catch me swimming in it, as pretty as it is.  I might fish there though....

Just some wooded area. I think it's so lovely. I do love trees.

And that's me. I need to put on a shirt! (Anyone know how to photoshop one on me?) LOL

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Working at a convenience store, killing time til my lease is up, sometimes it isn't easy to stay the recommended (ok, scheduled) 8 hours.

I may be in trouble for leaving early today. But sometimes, I swear it is all I can do to not jump up and down in place and then run right around in circles hollering "I'm moving out to the farm! I have a farm! Linda is giving us a place to live and be and call our own!"

And then I remember that THEY are not going to like it so much, my leaving, especially after spending all this time (a month) training me to be an assistant manager at said convenience store.

I don't really even know how to tell them I'm leaving either.  I'm hoping as the time nears words will just come to me.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Getting Started

I woke up this morning in a state of barely controlled mania.

I have made the decision to take a friend up on her offer to share her farm, and now I'm wondering how to go about extricating myself from the life I've made here in this county!

So many questions arise:
How to quit my job here?
How to find a job there?
Will I need a job to support my farm habit?
For how long will i need an outside job?
How long will I be able to devote time to an outside job before making the switch to full time farming?

What kinds of farm animals do I want?
This question is almost silly. I know I want nearly any farm animal, but the question really should be, which ones can I afford.

How will I be able to afford to do any of this?

Stay tuned for more questions.
I was going to say for answers to these questions but I am certain the next thing I'll do is have more questions.