Monday, November 29, 2010

Gratitude Day Six

Tired. So tired.
I am already this tired and haven't yet started moving!

I've been packing. And cleaning, here and at the new house.

Gratitude for the day:  Finances! Grateful I don't have to be gone from my home for 9 hours a day to earn an income. Grateful I get to stay home and do the things I love. Money is tight, but it is not non-existent, and I'm grateful for the Lord's provision!

And now I'm going to bed. :)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gratitude Day Five

When I forget to be gratefully aware, I find myself easily bored, or when that comes to full term, depressed.

Today I was not grateful for anything. I just went about my day doing a whole lot of little sewing projects, irritated because I have no money (due to mismanagement) to buy the next round of things that will help those projects continue. For instance, I finished up a bunch of little stuff toys, but can't stuff them because I don't have money for gas to get to the fabric store or money to buy the stuffing.

I made Tim's pj's, but have no money for buttons.
So I wait.
I don't wait well. I don't do "in the meantime" well.  But I live so much of my life IN the meantime you'd think it would be old hat. It's not.

So today I am having to look a little deeper for gratitude and I came up with a couple.  First, it's a good temperature in my house... and cold outside. I have lights and the ability to use my electric appliances because my Pay As You Go account for electricity did not run out before the end of the month.  I will have more money in a few days, and my power did not get shut off. That's awesome.

I'm grateful I live alone (or with Timmy who really doesn't care) because no man I know would enjoy it as COLD in my house as I like it.  :)  That's all for now. I'm going to go eat some oatmeal, and be grateful for it.

Nocturnal arboreal herbivorous marsupials

Tim and I are watching some cartoon on tv.

"You do know about koalas don't you?


Well, they're nocturnal arboreal herbivorous marsupials.

Americana please!

Oh. They're tree hugging, leaf eaters, and the ladies carry their young in pouches, mostly awake at night.


So from now on, the penguins call the koalas "hippies".  ROFL

This just hit my funny bone.  :D

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Gratitude Day Four

Today as I am packing up my apartment and watching The Marty Stuart Show on RFDtv, I am grateful for the peace that fills my heart in Jesus.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Gratitude Day Three

Today I am most grateful for my sewing machine. I remember last year I desperately needed one to make Christmas gifts, and this year I'm burning it up making Christmas gifts.

Also, I recently made a historical costume, a civil war era day dress, and was ever so glad to not be hand stitching it!  So I'm also grateful for electricity.  :)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gratitude Day Two

Today my depression lifted. It's not because of anything anyone said or did or anything I did or thought...I think it might be as simple as a change in the weather. I didn't know a Northern was blowing in, although I knew the forecast called for somewhat lowered temps...from 82*F to about 78*'s 55*F now, though!

I love the cooler weather. Even rainy, I love it because it's cooler. I don't even mind rain, a lot or a little, as long as it's not humid after. Hot and humid is the norm here and we've had a long hot summer.  Even with the onset of fall we've had only two small breaks in the heat, so for this I am grateful.

Grateful for the weather change, and grateful for the lift of depression. These two things combined make me feel energetic and joyous. I have all kinds of craft and sewing and decorating ideas cluttering my thoughts, each vying for more attention than the next thought coming even more quickly on its heels. If I am slipping into mania, it's not full blown, it's only mild, and if indeed it is mania, we'll see a certain rush of activity that cannot even be stemmed by simple exhaustion.

Excellent timing, in fact, since we are now counting down to move day.  Six days to go!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gratitude Journal

Hello, faithful follower(s)! (I only know of one follower...thus the (s):)

Today I am beginning my gratitude journal that I will attempt to keep for one month. Shouldn't be hard to do. I could write a whole list of things right now for which I am truly grateful!

But because it is an exercise for a Mary Jane's Farmgirls badge, I will be doing this as per the instructions which read thusly:

Each Other
9. Farmgirl Gratitude
Beginner Level
  • Write a gratitude journal every day for a month. Don’t repeat the same gratitude more than once to qualify for this merit badge.
Yesterday I spent all day in a spin-down. It was terrible. An emotional jag like that can leave a person feeling hung-over the next day, but not so for me today.  I woke up in the night throwing up. That'll get your attention.  And for some odd reason I feel better today than I did before the whole crying my eyes out hating the world feeling absolutely destitute for no real reason.

Weird how that works. I'm going to cheat a little on my gratitude journal and say I am grateful for tv, yesterday, because it gave me one small connection to the world around me when I was completely unable to reach out to anyone in my real world. I left that thing running except for when I finally drifted off to sleep, and I don't remember anything I watched but it kept me from thinking of ways to wreak havoc, and that, my dear follower(s), is a good thing.

So today's gratitude:
I am grateful I am moving. On December first we plan to move out of this dreadful little apartment and into a three bedroom (mobile) home, complete with an acre yard, and livestock pens already built out back.  This morning I got new upstairs neighbors.  Need I say more?