Friday, October 8, 2010

Biding My Time

I was at work the other day and a manager from another store told me I may be the luckiest person she knows. (Which is really sad for her!) She said because I told management here at my store that I will be leaving at the end of November and didn't just not get fired but I also got a raise, and she can tell I'm just biding my time, I must be like the little seed that fell into a dung heap!

That really made me laugh.

She's right, though - I'm just killin' time til I can get out to the farm and then it will be pedal to the metal to get that farm up and running!  And I can't wait.

(remind me of this when I'm dying of sleep deprivation during lambing season)

Today I went to the Dollar Store (bad enough - but I managed to avoid Wally World) and the Health Food Store for our week's groceries. DS had canned veggies on sale two for a dollar so I picked up a couple extra. I can't wait til I can can my own. I also bought organic produce at the HFS but the cost is so high there I couldn't get everything I wanted.

That is going to be one of my goals along with providing fresh, wholesome produce, meat and milk - to make it affordable AND good for you.  I know it's a stretch and there are those who will say it can't be done, but hide and watch. Let's see what the Lord will do.  Hide and watch.